Project Experience

Novetus is a young engineering company, but the members of our team of experienced engineers have led many different projects. Our experience encompasses a wide variety of project types: onshore & offshore; upstream, midstream, downstream and chemicals.


Project Profile:
Pasadena Chemical Plant

Benzoic Acid Wash System Design and Construction Management for Aristech
Novetus staff were responsible for design and construction of the benzoic acid wash system to clean the light-ends column on the back end of the phthalic anhydride (PA) plant. This was a reoccurring problem and was becoming very costly, both in lost production and man-hours to clean. The new benzoic acid wash system reduced the downtime of the column from three days to twelve hours and eliminated significant labor cost every three to four weeks. All of this was accomplished by utilizing the product and byproduct streams already existing in the facility. No new chemicals were introduced.