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About Novetus

Novetus is an engineering company that was built to combine the ability to automate routine engineering tasks with the know-how of experienced engineers. Through automation and partnering, we are capable of completing work in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of typical engineering contractors. Our project teams pride themselves on their ability to meet client objectives quickly and efficiently.

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Conceptual design and cost estimation

Novetus staff are experienced in evaluating and comparing project development concepts and working with the client's selection criteria to recommend the optimal concept for the project. Working as part of an integrated team with the client, Novetus will formulate, document, analyze, develop cost estimates and determine preliminary execution schedules for the variety of potential development concepts. This is normally a process engineering intensive activity, analyzing multiple flow rates, GORs, compositions, temperatures and pressures; as well as looking at various project execution plans to select one with the appropriate levels of execution, cost and schedule risk.

Front-end engineering

Novetus staff have extensive experience executing and managing front-end engineering projects for clients all over the world. Depending on client needs, we can provide process optimization studies, develop project and equipment specifications, PFDs & P&IDs, electrical studies, automation concepts, civil / structural designs, safety reviews, weight & cost estimates, and project schedules. We can also support the client AFE approval process and the EPC bidding process.


Small capital project planning
Detailed engineering and execution

Novetus operates with a team of interdisciplinary facilities engineers and designers that work together to get jobs done much faster and with less red tape than large E&C companies could. Our teams are well organized and efficient when executing small capital projects. The same team will carry out the planning, design, project management, scheduling, and execution oversight. Our teams are capable of quickly integrating with the client's team and/or with other contractors in the US or overseas.

Project and construction management

Novetus staff has extensive experience in the management of projects small and large, onshore and offshore. Our team will manage your project and construction needs from the first pencil stroke to the successful startup of your facility. Novetus has the skills and knowledge to manage the details, including vendor/contractor selection and project controls, all the way through installation. Novetus has the broad skills and knowledge to work with all aspects of your project whether it is a Naval Architect or a pump vendor. Novetus will implement efficiency tools that will streamline your projects and bring them in at or below budget.

Maintenance and process safety management programs

Novetus approaches maintenance and PSM program development and implementation with a focus on efficiency, ensuring that the use of client personnel time is optimized, and that solutions are cost-effective and can be implemented in the “real world” for use by operations and maintenance personnel. Typical programs and studies include:

  • Pressure relief system studies
  • Flare studies
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Documentation updates (P&IDs, PFDs, plot plans, electrical area classification drawings)
  • Mechanical integrity and RBI programs
  • Maintenance programs
  • Operating procedures
  • Facility siting studies

Brownfield facility modification projects

Novetus has a team of engineers who are expert in process optimization studies, debottlenecking studies, instrumentation and control philosophies, process simulations, and all the associated infrastructure modifications that accompany these types of projects. Novetus focuses on safety, which also involves minimizing the number of onsite construction man-hours. Minimization of downtime is also of key importance on these jobs and Novetus employees are proud of their accomplishments in executing brownfield projects with minimal downtime to the operating facility.

Customized business and engineering workflow automation and software development

Our unique experience and background in engineering and software development enables us to completely understand our client's needs in order to deliver the solutions they need to improve their business work processes. Novetus staff have experience developing custom business and engineering workflow applications, engineering calculation databases, management of change solutions, and cost estimating and tracking software. We can provide solutions for small companies by working directly with engineers and operators who have day-to-day immediate needs as well as larger companies by working with corporate IT groups who need to plan enterprise-wide solutions. The results of our solutions are always to give our customers an "edge" in meeting their business needs, reducing time to market, operating costs and resource requirements.

Project & turnaround planning

Novetus staff have extensive experience planning safe and efficient projects and turnarounds, including detailed scope development with an emphasis on field walk downs, ISO & P&ID take-offs, estimating, planning & scheduling, and complete cost analysis and control up through project completion and close out. Our team has overseen planning and controls for projects and turnarounds for many clients across the U.S. and West Africa both onshore and offshore; areas of work include oil & gas, refining, heavy industrial, chemical, petrochemical and mining. Novetus helps our clients complete projects and shutdowns safely, on time and within budget.