Unsurpassed Quality and Commitment

Founded in 2011, Novetus is an engineering company that focuses on capital project engineering & management, process engineering, project controls, and process safety management. Our founding partners and managers have extensive experience running engineering companies and managing oil, gas and petrochemical projects.

Novetus was built to efficiently execute multi-discipline engineering projects to provide cost-effective and practical solutions.  Our team takes pride in the ability to work closely with each of our clients to address situations that warrant a quick turnaround or demand immediate support, and produce top quality results while meeting our client’s objectives.

The Novetus Advantage

We grow by delivering successful projects to our clients, one by one.

We plan and execute the work to ease the burden on our clients, with clear, appropriate, and responsive communication.

Our team members have diverse industry backgrounds, across process industries and across project types and phases.  This allows us to be flexible and arrive at practical and cost-effective solutions to problems.

We strive to define the project scope and provide pricing options that align our incentives with our client’s, which allows us to continuously improve our work processes and technology.

We incorporate practical technology solutions during project execution.  We blend expertise in engineering, software, and information management to deliver innovative solutions.