Process Safety Engineer

Review existing and/or proposed relief and flare systems design and documentation with an objective of identifying potential hazards and risks within those systems. Develop clear scenario rationale for the potential risks, perform the necessary calculations to quantify them, and provide recommendation options to mitigate those risks. Work with all participants (internal and external) to effectively implement the recommendations to ensure that the process safety issues are resolved. Requires bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and 1 year of experience as Safety and Risk Management Analyst. Mail resumes to HR, Novetus Engineering LLC, 11200 Westheimer Road Ste. 360 Houston, TX 77042.

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Job Status: Active
Job Title: Process Safety Engineer
Category: Engineer
Industry: Engineer
Key Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • 3 plus years of experience in pressure relief analysis and flare system design and documentation
  • Working knowledge of API 520/521 and ASME codes
  • Familiarity with Process Safety Management (PSM) as defined in OSHA CFR 1910.119
  • Able to work well in diverse team and communicate well with others
  • Direct experience of working in plants – at least short-term plant visits to collect field data
Key Responsibilities:
  • Identify and quantify overpressure scenario relief rate requirements and evaluate relief systems capacities
  • Up-to-date in regulatory bodies (API, ASME, etc.) and help as a subject matter professional for our clients
  • Audit PSM programs, identify deficiencies and possible resolutions
  • Verify the adequacy of relief/flare system design and installation
  • Generating and confirming process design bases